Music Panels 2011

Wednesday 8th June

goNORTH Fringe Programme

Thursday 9th June

Born To Be Wide:  Music And Brands

Brand sponsorship is everywhere in music, but what do these partnerships offer bands, managers and promoters and how are potential downsides avoiced?

Moderator:  Olaf Furniss
Speakers:  Keren McKean (We Make Music Work), Julia Jones (Gibsn, Hard Rock Cafe), Adam Lewis (Planetary Group), Paul Knowles (International Music Community)

Musicians' Union:  Ten in Ten Panel

Have you ever wondered what the music industry would be like in ten uears time?  Music Supported Here, an initiative from the Musicians' Union, decided to find out with the launch of the Ten in Ten poll.

Moderator:  Jen Hunter (Musicians' Union)
Speakers:  Caroline Gorman (Rage Music), Duncan McCrone (MCPS), Keith Harris (PPL), Jamie Gilmour (BACSA), Stewart Henderson (Chemikal Underground)

UK & US Music Supervisors

This panel put UK and US supervisors in front of delegates to explain how they research and find music, how they like to receive music and where the marketplace is headed in this area.

Moderator:  Mark Gordon (Score Draw Music)
Speakers:  Nicky Bignall (BBC Music Rights Manager), Daniel Cross (Record Play), Amine Ramer (States of Sound)

Born To Be Wide:  Modern Management

How has the role of the artist manager developed to adapt to the ever changing face of the music industry?

Moderator:  Allan McGowan
Speakers:  Jamie Gilmour (We Were Promised Jetpacks), Bob Miller (Corine Bailey Rae), Scott Cohen (The Ravonettes), Bruce Craigie (Idlewild), Jen Anderson (Unicorn Kid)

Music Week:  Keynote Interview With Feargal Sharkey

Music Week's Christopher Barrett interviewed UK Music CEO Fearga Sharkey.

Friday 10th June

PPL:  Let The Music Play

This panel focussed on the importance of PPL to performers and will give PPL performer members the opportunity to meet and quiz the Chairman of the PPL Performer Board, Gerald Newson and Director of Performer Affairs Keith Harris.

Born To Be Wide:  A&R Panel

How has the role of A&R changed in parallel with wider industry shifts?  This panel brought together some of the most respected names in the business to set the current function of A&R in context.

Moderator:  Olaf Furniss
Speakers:  Stephen Jones (Music week Talent Editor), Alex Knight (Fat Cat Records), Monte Malone (A&R Worldwide), Stuart Henderson (Chemikal Underground), Kenny McGoff (Head of A&R, Sony ATV Publishing)

Music Blog Panel

Music blogs have become an increasingly influential part of the music press, attracting many of the most passionate fans, hosting the most active debates and breaking the biggest bands.

Moderator:  John Robb (Louder Than War)
Speakers:  Matthew young (Song By Toad), The Pop Cop, Lloyd Meredith (PEENKO)

Worldwide Radio Summit

goNORTH in partnership with A&R Worldwide and hosted the Worldwide Radio Summit in the UK for the first time.

Moderator:  Sat Bisla (MUSEEXPO)
Speakers:  Markus Kühn (Motor FM), Brad Savage (WCNR), Jeff Zycinski (BBS Scotland)

Founder of FatCat Records Alex Knight in Conversation with Olaf Furniss