Music Panels 2012

Wednesday 6th June

An introductory session to a nationwide consultation with the Scottish music industry on the issues we face, and how these issues may impact on the Scottish independence debate, and vice versa. If Scottish independence were to offer a ‘blank slate’, how would we structure the music industry in Scotland? What questions do we, as an industry, want to pose to the politicians on the impact of either independence or the status quo on our industry? How can we use the independence debate to improve our industry? This session is more about finding the questions that need to be asked over the next 18 months rather than coming up with the answers.

The M in MTV might be redundant, but the rise of YouTube and similar platforms has led to a resurgence of the music video as a promotional tool. At the same time, affordable technology means that clips which ten years ago would have cost tens of thousands, can now be made on a shoestring. How do you come up with a winning budget video, use it to promote your act and make money in the process?
Olaf Furniss (Born to be Wide), Ben Cowie (Detour Scotland), Stuart Breadner (Shootback Productions), Tristan Aitchison (Filmmaker), Francis Macdonald (Teenage Fanclub, Shoeshine Records)

MARKET FOCUS GERMANY: Musical Wunderbar In Deutschland – The World’s No.2 Music Market
Germany has been a leader and innovator in technology, automotive and manufacturing. It is also rapidly emerging as a serious contender in the global music market. With an extremely healthy creative energy fueling the German music market – mobile, live, media, online, retail, synch and brands as well as traditional recording and publishing are all very healthy. In addition, Germany is a market that fosters a healthy multi-format experience musically- rock, indie, dance, electronic, pop, hip-hop, jazz, classical and other genres are all readily embraced. We give you a snapshot into the current and future landscape of the world’s second strongest music market, and discuss the realities for UK based artists, managers and music businesses looking to break into the buoyant German music market.
Sat Bisla (MUSEXPO), Deville Schoeber (CEO, Brainstorm Musik Marketing), Bjorn Teske (Managing Director, DEAG), Matthias Böttcher (Rough Trade, Germany), Olaf Furniss (Born to be Wide)

With the continued contraction of revenue streams in the traditional music industry, artists are increasingly looking towards secondary uses for their music, and one key area where they are looking for new opportunities is synchronisation. But how does this area of the industry work, how can you pitch into a project, who are the decision makers, and how do they like to be sent music? In this unique event, a team of national and international synch experts will pull back the curtain by pitching music towards a scene in a film and simulating the process of music supervision in television and film.
Mark Gordon (Score Draw Music), Caroline Gorman (Rage Music), Peter Bradbury (Head of Rights, BBC), Andrea Von Forrester (Music Supervisor), Adrian Cooke (Music Agent, Portmanteau)

With regional artists like Emeli Sande and Maverick Sabre enjoying chart success, this panel discusses how you can go from being a locally hot artist to a national and/or internationally known top talent. The panel consists of a number of Industry Insiders and some of the top regional acts in the UK, who will let you know what you can do to get noticed and break out.
Jim Gellatly, Hyperfrank (Journalist), CJ Beatz (BBC Radio 1Xtra), Nardene Joanne Scott (MTV’s The Wrap Up), Yaw Owusa (The Playmaker Group), KOF (Artist), Obehi (Artist)


Thursday 7th July


The Musicians’ Union have launched the Fair Play guide to tackle musicians being misled by gigs, competitions and other events which appear at first to be a great opportunity but that can turn out to be a costly mistake.  The panel will debate the value of the opportunities available to musicians in the UK and help you work out what is worth it and what is not!
Sheena Macdonald (Musicians Union), Kelly Wood (Musicians Union), Rab Noakes (Artist), Robert Hicks (Beyond Promotion), Dave Arcari (Artist)

Stewart Henderson
, Chair of the Scottish Music Industry Association will discuss the development and delivery of this prestigious Arts Prize.

Getting a “name” producer can act as a great signpost for a new act as well as developing a sound which increases the chance of success. This panel brings together a broad range of perspectives to discuss what the role involves and how you find the right people to work with. It will also focus on the part mastering, mixing and engineering play in the recording process and ask why this sector of the music industry is still dominated by men?
Ellie Giles (Jigsaw Management), John McLaughlin (Producer, Songwriter), Garry Boyle (Engineer), Mandy Parnell (Mastering Engineer)Francis Macdonald (Teenage Fanclub, Shoeshine Records)

In recent years, to what extent has the locus of power really shifted from major entities to individual artists, managers and small labels? How are traditional artist development and management practices (A&R, sales, distribution, live, marketing, brand partnerships etc) changing and being repurposed to achieve long-term success without major backing? Is it now possible for so called ‘DIY’ outfits to compete and win on their own, or does there still need to be outsourced architects and general managers of these enterprises in order to reach significant milestones?
Daniel Savage (BMajor), Doug Johnson (Summerfest), Keren McKean (We Make Music Work, Ex Manager Snow Patrol), Vic Galloway (BBC Radio Scotland), Robert Hicks (Beyond Promotion, Manager Rachel Sermanni), John Robb (Louder Than War)

Overpriced cooking lager, a tenner just to get a timed line up and the same headliners on rotation. With new acts increasingly looking to develop their audience further afield, what international alternatives are there to the large UK festivals, what opportunities do they offer emerging artists and how do you secure a slot?
Olaf Furniss (Born to be Wide), Detlef Schwarte (Reeperbahn Festival), Doug Johnson (Summerfest, Irishfest, Yellow Phone), Thomas Roscheck (Sonic Visions, Luxembourg), Allan McGowan (Editor Vip News)

Music Week
’s Tom Pakinkis sits down with Wall Of Sound founder Mark Jones for what is sure to be a colourful discussion. Mark will look back on 19 years of WoS, some of the great artists he’s worked with, exciting new projects – and why 2012 represents a ‘new dawn’ for one of the British dance scene’s most-loved labels.