Publishing Workshops 2012

Wednesday 6th June

Self Publishing:  Everyone’s doing it so why can’t I?

With ebooks continuing to gain marketshare in the publishing world, self-publishing is now an affordable option for many authors.  Not only that, but with the remarkable success of ‘indie’ authors such as Amanda Hocking, John Locke, and Kerry Wilkinson, self-publishing is entering a new era of respectability.  With many publishers becoming increasingly risk-averse in their new title acquisitions, self-publishing may well be the best way forward for some authors.  But what’s involved in self-publishing?  Allan Guthrie and Kyle MacRae from digital publishing company Blasted Heath will be running a two-day workshop covering the practicalities of self-publishing and selling ebooks, focussing on the pros, cons, nuts and bolts of digital self-publishing, and the role of social media in promotion and sales.

Thursday 7th June

Self Publishing:  Everyone’s doing it so why can’t I?

Day two of the workshop detailed above.

Masterclass:  Hairy Bikers and Horrible Histories

A masterclass in developing and pitching non-fiction projects with literary agent Jenny Brown. Whether you’re writing a memoir, a self-help guide, or a cook book, learn what publishers are looking for and how to write a strong proposal.  Founded in 2002, Jenny Brown Associates has quickly become one of the leading literary agencies in the UK, the biggest literary agent in Scotland and a literary agent with a worldwide reputation. Jenny was previously Head of Literature at the Scottish Arts Council, presenter of book programmes for Scottish Television, and founder Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival (of which she is now a Board member).  She is also a former Committee member of the Association of Authors’ Agents. She represents 35 writers, predominantly in the areas of literary fiction and non-fiction, crime fiction, and memoir.