Screen and Broadcast Panels 2012

Wednesday 6th June


Doddle is an online Production Guide, which can put you in touch with anything from Camera Operators to Visual Effects anywhere in the world.  Their revolutionary new call sheet app is taking the production world by storm.   Automatically completes lots of the regulatory information for you using your GPS location;  a Production Manager’s dream.  Harvey and Cheryl Osborn are the UK representatives based in Forres.

PACT is the industry trade organisation that represents independent production companies.  Dawn McCarthy-Simpson, the regional representative from PACT,l talked us through their current issue on Product Placement and more generally about the role of PACT and its importance in the sector.

BECTU is one of the trade unions for the TV & Film industry.  Paul MacManus ran a short session outlining the key role Bectu plays in the representing its membership in the film and television industry. NB The Bectu session wasn't run due to unforeseen circumstances.

Composers’ and Producers’ Guide to Music on TV

As a Producer how do you broker deals with these strange animals called Composers.    As a Composer what should you expect from a Producer – a brief, a timecoded version of the film, a discussion about tone.  We got down to the nitty-gritty with composers and producers alike to clarify the art of getting the best soundtrack.  Caroline Gorman from Rage Music led this session along with Duncan McCrone from the MCPS.   On the Producers side we had Sara Harkins, Editor for BBC Children’s and Patsi Mackenzie from Sorbier Films.

Radio Forum

We brought together community and local radio stations from across the Highlands & Islands to discuss issues that affect them: CPD, equipment, digital broadcasting, networking, sharing resources and skills, and more generally we hope to provide a platform to nurture collaboration.

Hi Wireless Launch

This is an online radio drama training scheme for new and experienced theatre and television drama writers based in the Highlands and Islands.  We launched it here at goNORTH this year and outlined the timescales and full plans at this session.  The scheme will result in the development of 12 ideas into short dramas, which will then be professionally recorded and launched online.  A live recording of a specially written piece by the creators of HI Wireless took place during the festival.

Creative Scotland Location Network (invite only)

The Location Network has representatives from across the whole of Scotland and their main role is to facilitate filming happening in Scotland.  Whilst the meeting was closed, the network was in attendance at some of our events and were available for networking!

Beyond the BBC:  International Documentary Making

Barbara Orton from True Film and TV is one of the most prolific independent documentary producers living in the UK.    She has contacts around the world, has done co-pros with most of them and knows most of the commissioning editors in every country you can think of.   She’s probably not that well known by Factual at the BBC however…Barbara gave us a unique insight into the world of producing theatric documentaries that are distributed worldwide in an ever increasing financially competitive environment, particularly in the UK.

Thursday 7th June

Distribution Network Forum

There are many film clubs, societies and groups who screen films throughout the Highlands and Islands.  This forum provided an opportunity to discuss some of the common issues your groups have in sourcing content – mainstream or otherwise – as well as the opportunity to network with other groups.   ScreenHI is also offering the option to all the film groups to have access to all the films we currently are screening and have in our bank.   This is a unique opportunity for film bookers to watch our filming programme with a view to screening some (or all) of our programme at your group.

Working in Television Sport in association with Celtic Media Festival

Football on the box every Saturday, during the week, MG ALBA now broadcasting shinty, Sky Sports have three premium subscriber channels.  Sport is a part of our media life but have you ever thought about making a media career out of working in Sport?   Catriona Logan now Celtic Media Festival Director has worked as a Producer in network and international sporting live events (mostly football, let’s be honest) for a number of years and she took us through the little known world of sports’ journalism and producing with some of her best friends in the commentating, producing and pundit world.

Keynote:  How to Develop SME’s in the Creative Industries

As super-indies take over the schedules, how do we develop the SME’s within the Creative Industries.   We heard from Richie Turner, Deputy Director Global Academy, University of Wales about his experience in the field