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Power Punch Studios Final Thoughts


The winners of the first Game Jam to take place in the Highlands, Power Punch Studios have finished their internship but have not finished the development work!  Carl, Mark, Stuart and Natasha completed their six week residency at Hunted Cow Studios in Elgin in July and on returning to Dundee for their final year at Abertay University continue to work on the Hunted Cow project.  Read morea about their time at the successful Hunted Cow Studios here...
Andrew Mulholland, Hunted Cow said, “We felt the team worked great over the Summer with us and we're looking forward to continuing working with them to polish and finalise the product to get it ready for release. We're also looking forward to being involved with the Moray Game Jam next year, which we're expecting to be even bigger and better!"

Hunted Cow Studios and Power Punch team

Stuart's summary...

Looking back it's actually quite surreal to think how far we have come as a group in such a short space of time. We have accomplished so much having never worked together before, to winning the Moray Game Jam and then not to mention working on a new IP, which will soon be published thanks to Hunted Cow Studios and ScreenHI. It's been a great journey and an experience I'll never forget. The staff at Hunted Cow are awesome and have always shown their interest and support throughout our time there. We can't wait to get this game published and we hope to release many more in the future.

Mark's thoughts...

Power Punch has come a long way since its inception back in March. We first formed with most of us not actually knowing one another and with the intention of participating in Dare to be Digital. Because of our inexperience working together we decided to take part in the Moray Game Jam to see if we gelled as a team - which we did. So much so, that we ended up winning and getting offered to work alongside Hunted Cow Studios in conjunction with ScreenHI. I have to agree with Stuart in saying that all of the Hunted Cow staff were awesome and always willing to help and provide feedback for us. It has been a great experience working on this project providing us all with invaluable industry experience!

Tasha's take...

One of the best parts about this amazing experience has been how well we've all bonded as a team and how much Power Punch has progressed over the past five months; going from talking about our aspirations for the future to winning the Moray Game Jam and then on to working at Hunted Cow Studios has felt like such a surreal experience. When we won the Moray Game Jam we had no idea that it would lead on to a placement with a games company!

We are very grateful to ScreenHI and Hunted Cow Studios for the support that they have given us during this journey which, thanks to them, was made possible. We'd recommend participating in the next Moray Game Jam to anyone - especially teams who want the experience of working together for the first time.  Working over an intense period of time can really make or break a team. Plus, the event was so well organised and provided teams with a safe and comfortable working environment; we cannot recommend it enough. We're looking forward to Hunted Cow Studios publishing Power Punch's first games title and we hope there's many more releases to come.

Carl's opinion...

The past few months have definitely been memorable ones. Since the Game Jam, we have been grateful for the opportunity we have had at Hunted Cow and it has been thoroughly enjoyable while we were there. Working there also gave me a little taste of what our future could be like. Not just Andrew, but everyone in the company has been fantastic in terms of how we have been treated. We have been out socialising and had barbeques with them on a few occasions, which meant we started to really get to know them. They made us feel really welcome.

Deciding to move from Vaccine to the Intellectual Property (IP) of one of their own games was a tough decision but we felt it was better to work directly from a brief. To me, this was a good test to put what we have learned over the past 3 years to good use while also seeing how people in a company go about their work and tackle these kinds of challenges on a day to day basis. Like many things, working on this game had its challenges we had to overcome, its highs and lows but the experience and the bonding with the team really made it worthwhile as I believe we got to know each other much better and are all now closer friends. Not only this, but to do something you enjoy as a career is a dream come true.  I would personally like to thank Hunted Cow and ScreenHI for providing us with this opportunity and I will definitely be up for future events.

power punch team