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How Was Hit The Ground Running?


goNORTH 2013 saw a return of the popular one day intensive training course which looks at the role of the all important Runner in film and television.  Ten trainees from the Highlands and Islands, North East and beyond were put through their paces as they carried out task based activities emulating what would be expected of them as a runner.  They also worked through the heirarchy of drama production staffing on location and got first hand advice from industry professional cameraman Alick Fraser who regularly works on Waterloo Road and Alison Goring, the Drama Talent Manager for BECTU's Freelance Skills Development Project in a Q&A.

Hit the Ground Running is a one day intensive training course for people who want to break into film and television drama and work as a runner. We had a group of 10 participants at the goNORTH festival who learned about entry level positions and what to expect when you're starting out.  The vibe and energy that comes along with the goNORTH festival made this a particularly special Hit the Ground Running course.  We had a fun day with excellent participants, expert guest speakers and a great deal of networking!  

Best of luck to all of the Hit the Ground Runners. I hope your careers start with a sprint...
Linda Fraser, Trainer, Hit The Ground Running

Let's here from the trainees on their experiences.

Adam Hamilton, Inverness
Hit The Ground Running was one of the best one day media courses that I have ever been too. The reason why I say that is because I walked away knowing how to get into a runner’s job in a film production. Linda talked through everything thoroughly which I loved and went through what every type of runner job would include and what to do on how to get into that type of runner position.

I have been looking for a course that would tell me how to get into a production and I thought this runner’s course would help and it did more than that, it let me experience how much thought and work  you have to put into the job as well. As part of the course, Linda set myself and a partner 12 challenges where we had to run around the city of Inverness and get things for our team leaders. This included buying maps, ice cream, scouting the best deal for outdoor wear, running up to the BBC Scotland office and getting a radio interview plus much more all in an hour. By the end of the hour, I was completely knackered but I was glad because it showed if I was to apply and hopefully one day get a runner’s job, then it gave me a little taster on what the job is all about.

I loved every second of it and what made it even better was Linda talked to each of us one by one and gave us some advice on what we could do better with our C.V’s which I have taken into account and my C.V looks so much better. So all in all, fantastic course and I am hoping going to this course with everything I have learnt and seen, will direct me into the right position in the future. Thank you Linda, Hit The Ground Running and ScreenHI for an amazing course and a great two days at the goNORTH Festival.  

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Rachael Macpherson, Inverness
I attended the Hit the Ground Running workshop last week with the goNORTH festival in Inverness. It was a fantastic experience with some very valuable and interesting information about working in the film and television industry. Tips were given on how to structure your CV for film and television work and lots of great information was given on the structure on set and what everyone's roles are - very important!! It was great to get such useful information that I hadn't heard anywhere else and hear some great stories from people who work in the industry! I met some really great like-minded people and it was an incredible opportunity to find out how to get your foot in the door! It's a really great workshop and I'm so thankful I was able to go! I would highly recommend attending if you're looking for work in the film or television industry but aren't quite sure how to go about it or just want to learn a bit more about it!

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Rebekah Woolley, Aberdeen
I attended Hit The Ground Running in Inverness in June 2013. At the time of the course, I had just finished my MA in Modern Languages at Aberdeen University, and had no real experience of work in television or television production courses. For me, getting a place on HTGR was the first step towards a career in television, and the first opportunity I had to speak to industry professionals.

As I had no previous experience, I really had no idea what to expect from the course and was really nervous as I headed up to Inverness. I was wondering how many people there would be, how the course would be structured and how much I would be able to learn from the course. My anxiety was dispelled the second I walked in the door and met Linda (who greeted us all individually and had taken the time to learn a small detail about each of us) and the other people on the course.

There were fewer people on the course than I expected, and I think that was all for the better. By the end of the day we all knew each other’s names and were completely at ease. It also made me feel great that I had made it onto the course. Everyone was from very different backgrounds, and I quickly realised that my degree not being linked to the industry directly would not pose a massive obstacle for the future – big relief!

The day itself was jam-packed full of information and I was astounded by how much I was able to learn. Although I had spent time researching different roles in the industry, I was able to piece together a fuller picture of how the roles fit together. I had also never had a chance to see production paperwork before either which was really quite exciting – I felt like I was “in the know”. The CV feedback, which was given one-to-one, was so useful and was enhanced by the fact it was given on a one-to-one basis. I felt that the advice I was given was really valuable and a world apart from what I was able to obtain from online websites or my university’s career service. I also really enjoyed the guest speakers coming in to talk to us, one of whom also studied languages at uni (phew!).

For me going forward this course has been invaluable. I feel like I know where I stand now with the industry, and have a clearer idea of what I need to do and where I might best fit in the world of television production. I know that being a runner is definitely a possibility for me. Now what I’m planning to do is get the training and experience that will allow me to be the best runner I can be to establish a firm and promising career in production.

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Emma Johnston, Glasgow
I was incredibly surprised to be offered a place on the Hit the Ground Running as I am located in Glasgow. When I was emailed I jumped at the chance to travel to Inverness and take part in the day course. I was quite nervous as I didn't know what to expect at all from the course. As I've been studying for four years I didn't know how formal or informal the course would be.

When I arrived the atmosphere was incredibly laid back. Everybody else on the course seemed nice and Linda was incredibly approachable. To be honest, the day flew in. The knowledge of the industry within the room was varied and impressive and aside from my particular area of knowledge (scriptwriting) I learned so much about trying to get a foot into the world of television production.

The information we were given was not only relevant and informative, but it was expressed in a personal manner which made it easier to relate and understand. This might seem silly but I was also impressed by the sandwiches we were given for lunch and the tea and coffee!

I am certainly glad I attended as not only did I expand my knowledge about media and how to get into the industry, I also made friends who I have a lot in common with. I certainly hope they ask me back for any events in the future as I'm sure they will be as beneficial as Hit the Ground Running was.

Thanks for the opportunity!

goNORTH 2013