Seven organisations in seven European countries exchanging young musical talent...


EXCITE is a collaborative exchange project between seven partner organisations based across mainland Europe and Scandinavia. The programme was established in 2009 to support artists in developing showcase opportunities outside their domestic markets. Following the success of the initial campaigns, the project has continued to attract a broader network of partners and develop a wider portfolio of opportunities.

Maask live at goNORTH 2013

goNORTH became involved in 2011 and has seen 4 artists go through the scheme so far - Capitals in 2011, CLEAVERS in 2012, Homework and Colin MacLeod in 2013.

The 2013 Partners are goNORTH Festival (Scotland), Music:LX (Luxembourg), KulturUngdom (Sweden), SØRF (Norway), Poppunt (Belgium), Popfabryk (The Netherlands), Ora (Denmark)

The Partner Festivals for 2013 are goNORTH Festival (Scotland), Food For Your Senses Festival (Luxembourg), Sørveiv Festival (Norway), Spot Festival (Denmark), Play Festival (Belgium), Freeze festival (The Netherlands), Live at Heart Festival (Sweden).

Colin Macleod, Live At Heart Festival, Sweden

We were thrilled that both Colin Macleod (formerly The Boy Who Trapped the Sun) and Homework were selected to go through the Excite programme in 2013. Homework performed at Freeze Festival in the Netherlands at the end of September. Colin Macleod played at Live At Heart in Sweden at the beginning of September and is due to perform at Sørveiv Festival in Kristiansand, Norway in early November.

At goNORTH this year we programmed Netherlands band, Maask (pictured middle) in our showcasing line up.

Operating as a wider network throughout the year, the project also supports more extensive touring campaigns and develops broader business opportunities for artists across associated markets. A new EXCITE website is soon to be launched, watch this space...