goNORTH Festival Tour 2013

What a summer!  Great weather, great music and great exposure for our goNORTH 2013 acts.  We had our own dedicated tent at two out of the three big summer festivals we went to allowing us to programme a really strong line up.

The goNORTH Festival Tour was introduced in 2011 to support new creative talent in securing opportunities at some of the finest independent festivals in the country. This exciting addition takes goNORTH back to its roots, showcasing new music and film at a geographically diverse selection of festivals throughout Scotland.

This year’s Festival Tour generated over 50 additional slots for showcasing artists over festival season 2013. Opening at Wickerman Festival in July with over 20 acts performing at the goNORTH Festival Tour Tent, we then visited Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival to programme the goNORTH Seedlings Stage, before closing at Loopallu in late September.

We are delighted with the success of our third Festival Tour campaign, said goNORTH Director, Amanda Millen. The tour has become an important part of our wider presence and offers great value to both artists and partners. Bolstering our commitment to developing high-value showcase opportunities across the Scottish calendar, the tour acts as a fantastic platform for audiences and industry to access some of the most exciting new creative talent in the country.

Since 2011, the goNORTH Festival Tour has developed over 200 additional festival slots and showcased the work of over 150 new independent filmmakers to audiences throughout Scotland.  In 2013 we only showcased music on the Festival Tour, details below of the line up for each event.

Loopallu in September

It was slightly different at Loopallu, we didn't have our own stage but the three goNORTH acts selected by Loopallu to perform in their programmed line up alongside big names such as Newton Falkner, The Enemy and The Temperance Movement were:

Blood Relatives
Fake Major


The Wickerman Festival in July

Three Blind Wolves
Hector Bizerk
Blood Relatives
Friends in America
Eugene Twist
The Deadline Shakes
Plastic Animals
The Velveteen Saints
Casual Sex
The Yawns
Garden of Elks
Willie Campbell
Alarm Bells
The OK Social Club
Book Group
Be Like Pablo
Jemma Tweedie


Hector Bizerk

Belladrum Tart Heart Festival in August

Casual Sex
Roman Nose
Blood Relatives
Red Ronson
Dylan Tierney
Crystal Seagulls
Three Blind Wolves
Garden of Elks
Fat Goth
St Max And The Fanatics
Fake Major
State of Flux
Bear Arms
Little Fire